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South East Employers


Employers’ organisation for local authorities in the South East.


The principal purposes of the Organisation will be:


a)    To be an active and influential Employers’ Organisation for Local Government in the South/South East of England;


b)    To represent the views of the Authorities, to the Local Government Association and its Agencies and other relevant bodies, and fulfil work on behalf of the Agencies;


c)    To develop contracts and links with the regional local authority groups, regional CBI, Chamber of Commerce and the Skills Funding Agency and any successor organisations;


d)    To promote, encourage, and support best practice in personnel and management development;


e)    To make available personnel, management and training services for the benefit of Members of the Organisation;


f)     To respond to initiatives on consultancy work; and


g)    To provide the Employers’ side for the South East Regional Council.


Contact information

South East Employers
The Guildhall
HIgh Street
SO23 9GH

Phone: 01962 840664

Website: http://www.seemp.co.uk/

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