Executive post

Portfolio Holder for Housing (Delivery)


1.    Co-Portfolio Holder for Housing (Delivery), with responsibility for development of new social housing opportunities and oversight of development projects.


2.    Shared responsibility for delivering Waverley’s new Housing Strategy to ensure homes are the right homes in the right places and that they are truly affordable for those who need them.


3.    Joint responsibility for overseeing the Housing Revenue Account.


4.    Ensuring tenants have a safe, warm, high quality, energy efficient and affordable homes


5.    Preventing homelessness and meeting housing needs, including needs for supported accommodation, housing for older people and refugee management. 


6.    Working in partnership with social housing providers to deliver good quality homes, building and managing communities which are sustainable in the long term


7.    Continuing to secure affordable housing on new developments in line with planning policy and ensuring developers meet their planning obligations.


8.    Joint Chairman (rotating) of the Landlord Services Advisory Board.


9.    Monitoring receipt and spending of Community Infrastructure Levy (and Section 106 Agreement) funds.


Post is held by