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The Corporate Performance Report provides an analysis of the Council’s performance for the fourth quarter of 2018-19. The report, set out at Annexe 1, is being presented to each of the Overview and Scrutiny Committees for comment and any recommendations they may wish to make to the Executive.




It is recommended that the Overview & Scrutiny Committee considers the performance of the service areas under their remit as set out in Annexe 1 to this report and makes any recommendations to senior management or the Executive as appropriate



Nora Copping, Policy and Performance Officer, presented the Q4 2018/19 Corporate Performance Report. For the benefit of new councillors she explained why the report was necessary.  Members were advised that they only need be concerned with the sections relating to Planning and Environmental Services (sections 2 and 3 respectively).


Under Planning it was noted that the majority of targets were being met but that LP2 (Planning Appeals allowed) was performing out of target and this was being addressed and that there had been a fall in LP4 (Percentage of enforcement cases actioned within 12 weeks) which was due to work pressure on the team.


Under Environment it was noted that most targets were being met but that E1 (Materials recovery facility reject rates had been out of target all year.  Nora explained this was due to the changes in material processes and what materials can be accepted.  The committee were advised that links were available for air quality information on the electronic report and future reports would also have the link available for paper formats.  It was also highlighted that the number of level 1 complaints dealt with on time had fallen short, it was explained that this was due to a number of complex cases which had required more time to resolve.


The Chairman thanked Nora and advised that the report was very clear to understand.


Nora was asked to clarify what ‘Transferred’ meant on the Service Plan Action Status – Nora advised the action had not been executed in this quarter and so had been transferred to the new service plan.


Page 9, para 6 - Concern was raised that the report stated the High Court challenges to the Court of Appeal () would be heard later this year and it was thought they would have been heard sooner.  It was explained that at the time of printing the report a date had not been set but it was now scheduled for next month.


Page 30 Q4 Comment – The committee asked what ‘higher tarriff’ meant. It was explained that the level required for professional membership had been raised meaning more skills were required to obtain it.  This meant staff remained in post longer as they could not obtain this membership and then leave to go into the private sector.


Page 31 – As part of the work underway regarding dogs on leads it was asked what progress had been made regarding the incident of deer being killed by dogs.


Page 27 – It was requested that the work around the project approach for major schemes, linked to improving communication with all stakeholders, be shared with ward councillors.


Paul McKim was asked if recruitment had improved since the publishing of this report and he confirmed it had.


It was asked if the committee could have a list of completed service plans.  It was advised these could be obtained from heads of Service or could be found in the March round of O&S documents.




The Committee noted the performance of the service areas under their remit as set out in the report.

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