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This page lists the meetings for Executive.


Information about Executive

The Executive is appointed by the Leader and is responsible both for proposing new policy and the budget to the Council and for implementing and delivering the agreed policy framework and budget.


The Executive consists of up to ten members from the majority group and responsibilities are divided into portfolios with each Executive member holding a portfolio.


The work of the Executive is set out in a Forward Work Programme which contains the key decisions the Executive expects to make over the next four or more months. It also gives notice of any reports which will be discussed in Exempt (Confidential) session from which the public and press are excluded.


The Executive agenda gives notice of meetings and details the items to be considered, including brief details of any items to be discussed in Exempt.


The day after the meeting, a Decision Bulletin is published which lists the Executive decisions taken and sets out those matters that can be called-in for scrutiny by the Overview & Scrutiny Committees.