Constitution of Waverley Borough Council - Tuesday, 20th April, 2021

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Part 1 - Summary and Explanation pdf icon PDF 259 KB


Part 2 - Articles of the Constitution pdf icon PDF 378 KB

Article 1          The Constitution

Article 2          Members of the Council

Article 3          Citizens and the Council

Article 4          The Full Council

Article 5          Chairing the Council

Article 6          Overview and Scrutiny Committees

Article 7          The Executive

Article 8          Regulatory and other Committees

Article 9          The Standards Committee

Article 9a       The Appeals Panel

Article 9b       Independent Panel (for disciplinary matters relating to statutory officers only)

Article 10       Area Committees and Forums

Article 11       Joint Arrangements

Article 12       Officers

Article 13       Decision making

Article 14       Finance, contracts and legal matters

Article 15       Review and revision of the Constitution

Article 16       Suspension, interpretation and publication of the Constitution


Part 3 - Responsibility for Functions pdf icon PDF 316 KB

·         Introduction

·         Responsibility for local choice functions

·         Responsibility for Council functions

·         Responsibility for Executive functions  policy issues


Scheme of Delegation to Officers (V6.2; February 2020) pdf icon PDF 585 KB

E.3 Deleted, and replaced by Financial Regulation paragraph 7.2. [Council 10 December2019]


I.3.1 Added to enable authorisation of officers of Surrey Licensing Authorities to exercise Taxi and Private Hire enforcement functions under Joint Warranting arrangements [Council 18 February 2020]


Public Health Delegations added for Head of Environmental & Regulatory Services, Head of Housing Delivery and Communities, Head of Housing Operations, and Head of Planning and Economic Development [Executive, 12 May 2020]


Head of Planning and Economic Development delegations updated 9 June 2020 to reflect temporary WESTERN and EASTERN Planning Committees.


Part 4 - Rules of Procedure (including Virtual Meeting Procedure Rules) pdf icon PDF 324 KB

·         Council Procedure Rules

·         Annexe 1 Virtual Meeting Procedure Rules

·         Access to Information Procedure Rules

·         Executive Procedure Rules

·         Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rules

Additional documents:


O&S Coordinating Board Terms of Reference pdf icon PDF 405 KB


Waverley's Petition Scheme pdf icon PDF 313 KB


Protocol for Attendance by Executive Members at Overview and Scrutiny and Protocol for Attendance by Overview and Scrutiny Committee Chairman and the Executive pdf icon PDF 362 KB


Councillor Call for Action pdf icon PDF 240 KB


Informal Working Group Protocol pdf icon PDF 265 KB


Call In Protocol for Overview and Scrutiny Committees pdf icon PDF 384 KB


Financial Regulations (December 2019) pdf icon PDF 672 KB

Revisions approved by Council 10 December 2019.


Contract Procurement Rules (February 2020) pdf icon PDF 483 KB

Revisions approved by Council 18 February 2020.


Part 5 - Waverley Members' Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 314 KB

On 22 March 2021, Waverley Borough Council adopted the LGA Model Councillor Code of Conduct 2020 as its Local Members’ Code of Conduct.


Waverley Borough Council Officer/Member Protocol pdf icon PDF 312 KB


Councillors' Planning Code of Good Practice pdf icon PDF 285 KB


Arrangements for dealing with Member Complaints pdf icon PDF 247 KB


Part 6 - Waverley Borough Council Members' Allowances Scheme pdf icon PDF 321 KB


Part 7 - Management Structure Chart pdf icon PDF 137 KB