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Overview & Scrutiny Committee - Environment - Monday, 25th November, 2019 7.00 pm

Venue: Committee Room 1, Council Offices, The Burys, Godalming. View directions

Contact: Kimberly Soane  Democratic Services Officer

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The Minutes of the meeting of the Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee held on 9th September 2019 are attached, and Members are asked to confirm them as a correct record. 


The Minutes of the Meeting held on 9th September 2019  were confirmed as a correct of the meeting, and signed.



To receive apologies for absence and note substitutions.


Members who are unable to attend this meeting must submit apologies by the end of Monday 18th November 2019 to enable a substitute to be arranged, if applicable.


There were no apologies for absence for this meeting.



To receive from Members declarations of interests in relation to any items included on the agenda for this meeting, in accordance with Waverley’s Code of Local Government.


There were no declarations of interest submitted for this meeting.



The Chairman to respond to any questions submitted by members of the public in accordance with Procedure Rule 10.


The deadline for submission of written questions for this meeting is Monday 18th November 2019.



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The Chairman to respond to any questions received from Members in accordance with Procedure Rule 11.


The deadline for submission of written questions for this meeting is Monday 18th November 2019.



There were no questions from members submitted for this meeting.



To review the regulation of food provision in domiciliary care setting and consider the role of Waverley Borough Council’s Environmental Health Team in this matter.


VB outlined the report on domiciliary care provision.  She advised she had been working closely with Cllr Else on this report.  The report was based around who should be registered and training needs.  Of the 28 care providers contacted 21 had responded outlining the provision they provided and the training their staff had.  VB advised there was confidence that most care providers were registered.  Training was identified as food hygiene and infection control.


Issues raised by members:


·         As it is an individual caring for another individual in their own home how do we check and regulate?  VB advised that although checks are made it is down to people reporting concerns to environmental health if they have concerns about a specific individual.  The team can provide food hygiene training to anyone who wants it.  It is a case of providing ‘best practice’.

·         Do Environmental Health have a statutory obligation to check and/or monitor those registered?  VB – Yes we do.

·         How about carers within the family do these policies apply.  VB – Environmental Health can provide advisory leaflets if carers want them and can provide the food hygiene training also.



To consider the performance report and make any observations or recommendations as appropriate.

Additional documents:




CB updated the committee on the section of the corporate report relating to planning and economic development.  


Highlighted areas were:


·         Planning applications processing meeting all targets.

·         The legal challenge to LPP1 was lost so we can now get on with LPP2.

·         A timetable for LPP2 has now been agreed by Executive.

·         Planning team continuing to support neighbourhood planning.

·         Woolmead development suspended whilst a revised S73 application is considered to reduce car parking.

·         Project started to reform planning committee structures and operations.

·         Introduction of the Horizon IT programme progressing

·         P7 and P8 continue to be out of target but this is a nationwide issue not restricted to WBC.  Consents continue to be granted but the delivery is not being met.

·         P3 - appeals continue to be out of target. A comprehensive review of appeals is being undertaken.  (see item 9).


Issues raised by members:


·         It was felt the summary regarding the Woolmead indicated the revised planning application was a ‘done deal’.  The committee asked if this ‘arm twisting’ from developers was common. CB advised this certainly was not the case. Developers do often try to change applications but this would be heard on its merits. Councillors feel the pre app should have identified if the original plan was viable.

·         Concern was raised that the adoption of LPP2 in spring 2021 would affect the neighbourhood plans.  CB advised that planners would work with neighbourhood plan authors to address this.

·         The committee asked if anyone had spoken to the Secretary of State regarding the housing delivery expectation.   They asked if we could appeal the decision.  CB advised there was no provision in statute to do so but Lewis BC were currently challenging their decision so it was possible we could follow suit.


Action: Recommend that the Executive writes to the Secretary of State highlighting the issue of under-delivery of housing and asking government to consider ways development can be promoted after consent is achieved.





AR updated the committee on the section of the corporate report relating to Environmental Services.


The committee were advised that the mobilisation of the new waste collection by BIFFA had gone relatively smoothly.  Publicity had gone out to all residents advising them of the different collection days and methods for waste and food.  There had been some calls regarding missed collections but this was now settling down.  There had been some queries regarding the eco-efficiency of having two separate lorries collecting waste but in fact I had been shown to be more efficient as the food waste did not have to go back to the depot to empty as often as the waste collection.

Committee members advised they had had positive feedback from tenants.  AR reminded the committee that the days of collection may be changing in the new year.  BIFFA had inherited the previous companies rounds but were carrying out a round optimisation study.


The committee was updated on the Weyhill fairground car park, electric vehicle charging points (item on agenda) and the 2019 Air  ...  view the full minutes text for item 34.



Verbal update on the progress of the Budget Strategy review.


JG updated the committee on the BSWG meetings.  They had now met nine times and a lot of detailed work had been carried out.  A report had gone to the VfM O&S on the 18/11/2019 and reports would be going in January and March.  The groups work had been mentioned in the MTFP briefing along with the possibility of big issues being proposed for the budget.



To receive a scoping report to allow members to make comment on the issues they wish reported on with regard to planning appeals following the P3 performance in the Corporate Performance Report.


CB outlined the proposed structure of the report on Planning Appeals and asked the committee to comment on areas it felt needed to be included.


The aim of the report was to ascertain the financial issues which in turn will highlight trends.   It had been noted that some appeals had been from decisions against officer recommendation. This was identified as possibly being because there is a lot more interest from members and the public that in other local authorities.


There was an issue of member/officer trust being a barrier and it was hoped that the proposed restructure of planning committees may help this situation.


The chairman requested that for the purposes of the Environment O&S Committee the report needed to have qualitative recommendations as well as quantitative. She commented that there was a lot of good policies to protect the environment but they do not seem to have been considered in reports.


The committee asked how our pre application process compared with other local authorities.  CB felt the context level was different due to the level of interest that members and residents have in Waverley. CB advised that it had been noted that previously junior planning officers had carried out the pre apps which was not ideal as they require a certain level of expertise to be carried out effectively. It was requested that the reports need to identify whether a pre app was necessary/carried out. Members requested that ward councillors should be consulted at the pre app stage.  CB advised he felt this was important and he would look at a protocol.


CB advised that both the planning appeal report and planning committee restructure report would influence each other.  The planning appeal report would come out prior to the planning committee restructure one.


The Chairman asked how the committee can feed into the qualitative section of the report.    CB advised he had taken notes from this meeting which will be fed into the report.  He suggested this was a difficult borough as there were four distinct and differing settlements. 



For the Committee to contribute to the development of the Electric Vehicle Strategy.


AR outlined the draft Electric Vehicle Strategy and asked for the committees views and comments.


The committee were advised that there were a few EV chargers in the borough but not many.  The strategy focusses on off street parking in our own car parks but is considering on street.  AR advised the issue missing from the draft report was solar canopies to feed the chargers.


Issues raised by members:


·         What are the likely costings to implement charger installations?  It was hoped to sell space to the charger companies so we would not get income from the charger use but a regular rent from the company.

·         Do we know how many electric cars in the Borough are second cars rather than primary?  Other members who have electric vehicles advised that the electric vehicles tended to be used for local journeys and the non-electric for longer journey.

·         A committee member advised that we should be wary of which supplier we use as some have a pay-as-you-go scheme for their chargers but others expect you to subscribe and have an account with them to use their chargers.

·         Members asked for the usage figures of the chargers we currently have if available.

·         Concern was raised regarding the aesthetics of installing chargers in the rural areas as they were large and may encroach on small footpaths.

·         Members felt there would be a need longer term for good infrastructure as the usage of electricity in the area will likely increase.

·         The committee asked if the recovery services (AA, RAC, Green Flag etc.) had a response policy for cars running out of charge.  Also did GPS products have nearest charging points indicated.  They were informed that the recovery services would tow you to the nearest fast charging point and that yes some GPS do have charging points marked.  



To receive an update from Richard Homewood on the progress of the Strategic Car Parking Review and to consider the Committee’s contribution to the review.

Additional documents:


The committee received an update on the Strategic Car Park Review. 


AR advised that the updated report was not available as the consultant had been ill so they had not received his analysis as yet.  It had been identified that each of the towns had different needs.  The committee would receive the Executive summary as soon as it was available.  AR advised that options for on-street and off-street parking had been investigated with regard to parking demand and the unmet provision.  It had been identified that the station usage had grown less than other areas.  Occupancy rates in each area had also been taken into consideration.  Proposals to raise income streams would also be considered.


The committee were asked for their views on on-street parking.


Comments from members:


·         Rural parking issues needed adding to the review as these were different from the urbanised areas.

·         Cars funnelling when exiting car parks due to only one entry/exit point causing exhaust fumes to accumulate.

·         A co-ordinated plan would be needed if considering on street parking.

·         Some members felt that this strategy was not in keeping with the Climate Emergency as we should be reducing car journeys.  Needs more reference to carbon neutrality and how this would feed into this.  AR advised that the review pre dates the climate emergency but this would be taken into consideration.

·         It was asked if park and ride schemes had been considered.  After discussion it was felt there were not suitable siting’s in any of the 4 settlements for this.

·         Park and sties/walk and ride (buses) were also suggested.

·         Technology to show available spaces so cars are not driving around looking was also suggested.


The Vice Chairman asked if the officers could ensure the Electric Vehicle Strategy and Car Parking Strategy dovetail with each other.



The Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee, along with the O&S Coordinating Board, is responsible for managing the Committee’s work programme.


The current work programme (attached) includes items agreed at the O&S Coordinating Board and takes account of items identified on the latest Executive Forward Programme (Annexe 2) as due to come forward for decision.




Members are invited to consider their work programme and make any comments and/or amendments they consider necessary, including suggestions for any additional topics that the Committee may wish to add to its work programme.

Additional documents:


Any other businessYasmine Makin outlined the current items on the work programme scheduled for January.  Standing items of Corporate Performance Q3, BSWG update plus LPP2 update, Service Plans, Pesticide Policy and Place Shaping.


The Chairman asked exactly what place shaping meant and asked that the report advised what we want to achieve.  It was requested that an external presenter be invited to outline place-shaping.


It was suggested the Dunsfold Park development was a good example of where place shaping has taken place and therefore could be a good place to source an ‘expert’ to present.


Yasmine Makin advised that the Greenspaces Working Group had met for their inaugural meeting.  Cllr Edmonds had been appointed Chairman.  There had been a previous Green Spaces Strategy drafted but never adopted and the group had agreed to use this as a baseline for the new strategy.


Any Other Business


Cllr Townsend asked about the SCC Tree Planting Initiative and whether WBC were involved.  Cllr Cockburn advised that there was currently no strategy for this.