Agenda and minutes

Dunsfold Liaison Group - Tuesday, 3rd October, 2017 2.00 pm

Venue: Committee Room 1, Council Offices, The Burys, Godalming

Contact: Amy McNulty  Democratic Services Officer

No. Item



To receive any apologies for absence from Members.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Patricia Ellis.



To discuss the Notes of the last meeting of the Dunsfold Liaison Group held on 10 February 2017 and to receive progress on any actions agreed (if required).


The Chairman, Elizabeth Sims, noted that the last meeting had taken place in February and there was a continuing trend of needing to meet less frequently.


All of the actions contained within the notes of the last meeting had been completed and Peter agreed to recirculate the Heads of Terms for the legal agreement relating to the new settlement application.



Members to receive a verbal update from Officers regarding the status of planned use of Dunsfold Park’s Permitted Development Right days.


Victoria Choularton, Senior Planning Enforcement Officer, informed the Group that there were no further planned PD dated up to the end of 2017.


Some Everyman dates had been set for 20 – 21 October and 17 – 18 November and these would be added to both Waverley’s and Dunsfold Park’s websites in due course.



Officers to provide Members with a verbal update on any recent planning complaints.


Victoria Choularton reported that no new planning complaints had been received since February. Members asked whether there had been any operational changes at Dunsfold Park which may have contributed to this. Jamie McAllister responded that nothing had changed recently and that this was simply illustrative of an continuing downward trend. He added that the liaison meetings had been very helpful in resolving issues and addressing residents’ concerns at an early stage. Cllr Gray agreed, stating that he had not been directly contacted by residents with any issues over recent months and had not even heard any concerns in passing.



Officers to provide Members with a verbal update on any recent environmental health complaints.



Gisella de Gennaro, Senior Environmental Health Officer, informed the Group that no formal complaints had been received since the last meeting. One comment had been received from a member of the public stating that ‘very noisy’ activity had been taking place. Gisella had explained to the resident that there were different categories of event and that a noise management plan was in place which had reassured them. Jamie McAllister suspected that this may have related to the Supercar event, which was historically one of the noisiest events held on site.


Cllr Deanus also reported that he had been woken up on the Sunday morning of the Wings and Wheels weekend by someone using a loudspeaker at around 7am. He stated that it sounded like the person was testing the system and felt that this was an inappropriate time to do so. Jamie McAlister and Gerry Forristal responded that they had been unaware of the incident and agreed that it should not have happened. They would take Cllr Deanus’s comments on board and ensure that this did not occur again in the future.



To discuss any enforcement issues relating to adherence to planning conditions and any live applications.




Monitoring of Conditions


Victoria Choularton informed the Group that she had just received the latest batch of traffic data, and circulated copies to members. She had not yet had time to analyse the data, which covered the period 9 January – 30 June. Gerry Forristal informed the Group that approximately 10 days during this period had exceeded the 3348 cap, although many others were significantly under. He noted that the days where the cap had been exceeded were highly likely to coincide with event days and would examine in more detail which events had resulted in high levels of traffic. The Supercar event that had taken place on 24 – 45 June was a PD day not covered by this permission and therefore the traffic movement condition did not apply. It was possible that other dates where the cap had been exceeded were also PD days, and Gerry would confirm this in due course.


Action: Gerry/Jamie to cross-reference the traffic data with event days and feed back to the Group.


The group also noted that construction traffic would have added to the figures although Gerry explained that the majority of the HGV flow would be from Cranleigh Freight vehicles. He also reminded the Group that the traffic monitoring equipment classified any vehicle over 7.5 tonnes as a HGV, and that these were not necessarily all large articulated lorries.


Cllr Gray noted that Wednesdays seemed to be busier than other days and asked if there was any reason for this. However, Gerry didn’t believe that there was a specific reason that this day appeared busier. Cllrs Gray and Seaborne were keen to do some data modelling and requested that they be sent the data in electronic format.


Action: Victoria to circulate traffic data electronically.


It was noted that there were some dates towards the end of March where no data had been collected on the Stovolds Hill access. Gerry explained that there had been a fault with the equipment which they had been unable to fix themselves, and they had called engineers to fix it as soon as possible. Cllr Gray also noted that no movements had been recorded at the Compass access in early June and noted that this covered a substantial period of time.


Current Live Applications


Peter Cleveland provided an update on the new settlement application. He explained that the inquiry had taken place, but as yet there was no timetable for the Inspector submitting his report. The report would go directly the Secretary of State, who would also handle any further comments. Waverley would not get to see the report until it received the final outcome from the Secretary of State.


There was one application at the site that had recently been determined – WA/2017/0098 – this was a consultation on a County matter relating to the energy from waste facility. Waverley was a consultee and had raised no objection.


There were also two section 73A applications on the site:


-       WA/2017/1064 – this related to removing  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.




The Group was informed that Peter Cleveland would be leaving Waverley in November. The Group thanked him for his hard work over the last few years, particularly on Dunsfold matters and wished him well for the future.



To agree a date for the next meeting of the Dunsfold Liaison Group.


The Group noted that once the outcome of the inquiry was known, there would be more certainty about the future direction of the Liaison Group meetings. It was therefore agreed that the next meeting be scheduled for March 2018, when it was likely that the Secretary of State’s decision would be known.