Dunsfold Liaison Group - Friday, 8th April, 2016 10.00 am

Proposed venue: Committee Room 1, Council Offices, The Burys, Godalming. View directions

Contact: Gary Wood  Trainee Democratic Services Officer

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Prior to commencing with the Agenda, Elizabeth was introduced as the new Chairman of the Dunsfold Liaison Group now that she had replaced Matthew Evans as the Head of Planning.


She reminded the meeting that the primary purpose of the Group was in relation to complaints regarding possible breaches of planning control and Environmental Health complaints.


Apologies For Absence


Apolgies for absence had been received from Councillor Kevin Deanus, Collin Giddings (Deputy Environmental Health Manager) and Kathryn Pearson (Eastern Planning Team Leader).


Notes Of The Last Meeting pdf icon PDF 69 KB


Elizabeth ran through the Notes of the last meeting of the Dunsfold Liaison Group held on 3 February 2016 and invited comments on matters arising from that meeting in note 20. below.


Matters Arising From The Last Meeting


Councillors enquired as to the length of time it had taken for the notes of the last meeting to be made available on the Council’s website.


Officers remarked that as the Dunsfold Liaison Group is not a public meeting, it is not subject to the same statutory minuting and publishing requirements as decision making meetings. However, the Council has committed to making notes of the Dunsfold Liaison Group meetings available to the public via its website within a reasonable amount of time. These Notes provide a broad summary of the meeting and in order to deliver transparency, it was therefore agreed that Officers would aim to publish them at…




.. and at…




…within the same deadlines that are required for more formal decision making meetings.


Councillor Gray asked for clarification on recent planning application WA/2015/0695 and which had been discussed at the last meeting but had not been mentioned in the Notes of the meeting.


Officers explained that this had been due to a clerical error during the note taking process. The application was for the erection of 6 buildings to provide nearly 10,000sqm of B1(b), B1(c), B2 and/or B8 flexible use floorspace with associated parking, servicing, landscaping and works to existing access road following demolition of existing buildings. The daily vehicle movement limit was subsequently increased proportionately from 2,723 to 3,348. As part of the conditions granting this increase, a management and monitoring plan has to be agreed with automatic traffic count splitting introduced to differentiate between HGVs and other vehicles.


An update and revised note of the February 2016 meeting has now been published to include this information and is available for viewing at the following websites pages:




.. and…




In relation to WA/2015/0695, Councillors asked whether the upgraded automatic system for differentiating the types of vehicle movement had yet been introduced. Gerry responded that they were currently estimating to have a reliable working system in place within around 2 months time. Officers stated that this should be made a priority.


The Group noted that recording of vehicle movements were monitored via the use of automatic sensor-beam counters located at all access gates to/from the site. As a vehicle broke through the beam, one movement is registered. The collected data was passed to the Council and reviewed to confirm compliance with the vehicle movement limit. The introduction of a system with the ability to differentiate between HGVs and other vehicles will represent the completion of a journey taken over recent years to provide comprehensive vehicle movement data.


Planned Event List Calendar Run-Through


Victoria gave Members a verbal update on the list of current planned events at Dunsfold Park for the year to December 2016.


Dunsfold Park has a number of clients that have obtained their own planning permissions to conduct events on the site. One of these clients includes Everyman Racing Driving Experiences that offers customers the opportunity to drive modern day supercars around the perimeter road and on the runway. These events are allowed under planning application WA/2014/0813 that was granted in April 2015.


Everyman events for 2016 include:


§  March 17, 18 & 19

§  April 14, 15 & 16 and 21, 22 & 23

§  May 13 & 14 and 27 & 28

§  June 16, 17 & 18

§  July 14, 15 & 16

§  August 18, 19 & 20

§  September 15, 16 & 17

§  October 13, 14 & 15

§  November 18 & 19


Under The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 Schedule 2, Part 4 (PDR), owners can temporarily use their land for a use other than the permanent lawful use. PDR restricts the temporary use to a maximum of 28 days per calendar year from January to December. Only 14 of these days may be used for motor racing specifically, as opposed to general events where motor vehicles were present on site. The group was reminded that the definition of motor racing, for the purposes of this distinction, is available to view on the Dunsfold Park section of the Waverley Website.


At the time of the meeting 5 days had been scheduled for 3 separate events including:


21st May – Lotus 7 (participant event only with no public viewing)

2nd & 3rd July – Supercar Event

27th & 28th August – Wings & Wheels 2016


23 Days therefore remained for the year to December 2016.


Residents can view the latest planned events on our website page at:




Recent Planning Complaints


Victoria informed the Group that no planning complaints had been received since the last meeting held in February 2016.


Recent Environmental Health Complaints pdf icon PDF 39 KB


Gisella informed Members that there had only been one environmental health complaint received since the last meeting in February 2016. The complaint was received on 18 March and regarded car engine and tyre noise over a period from 14 March.


Officers had identified the noise as coming from the Everyman event on 17, 18 and 19 March (allowed under planning permission WA/2014/0813) and other track events on 14, 15 and 16 March such as auto testing by McLaren. The complainant was offered noise monitoring equipment to record future events but this had not been taken up.


Jamie reminded the Group of the Noise Management Plan which aims to minimise disturbance to nearby residents. The plan was a voluntary agreement collaboratively drawn up by Dunsfold Park and the Council’s Environmental Health service. It incorporated elements of what was widely considered best practice nationally (such as the handling of the Goodwood Festival of Speed) to develop a benchmark to minimise noise disturbance resulting from day to day activities on the site.


The plan set out acceptable days, times and frequency of operation; actions to mitigate unnecessary noise, limitation and monitoring; best practice for their various separate planning permissions and regular annual PDR day rights.


The Group noted that classes of noise were categorised into a framework around which events were booked. Jamie commented that they tried to ensure the noisiest and most disruptive events were held at appropriate times. As an example, annually, Wings and Wheels and the Children’s Trust Dads Day were the only noisy events held on a Sunday on the site.


Councillors remarked that residents could find it hard to differentiate between noisy PDR day events and noisy day to day activities carried out by clients under their own separate planning permissions such as Everyman and McLaren who conduct regular automotive testing on the runway and track.


Members explained that apathy amongst local residents could be the reason for the low number of complaints.


Officers responded that complaints can be logged by phone, post or through the website and that all are properly investigated. However, officers can only look into complaints if they are brought to the Council’s attention. They restated the importance of residents reporting complaints through the specific form available through the Dunsfold Park pages on the Waverley website for submission of complaints online.


Use of the form helped to ensure that complaints went to the correct Officer and allowed a quick and full response. Jamie also commented that they had liaised closely with the Council in deciding what the form needed to ask to allow them to receive the minimum amount of information required to investigate properly at their end.


The form is available at:






Monitoring Of Current Live Applications and Planning Conditions


Peter advised the Group of the current live applications on the site and began with an update on the new settlement application, WA/2015/2395.


Following the need for additional information resulting from the consultation period, the applicant will be submitting further information as part of the application in order to respond to consultation responses. As a result, a second round of public consultation is expected to be held during May, following receipt of additional information, with Officers making a recommendation in June 2016.


On 17 February 2016, an application (WA/2016/0509) had been received seeking the continued use of a covered canopy for a temporary period to May 2021 by Cranleigh Freight Services at their base on Dunsfold Park. A decision is expected in May 2016.


On 24 March 2016, an application (NMA/2016/0064) for a non-material minor amendment to WA/2015/0695, had been received. The application seeks minor changes to the elevational treatment, relocation of units to better protect nearby woodland and an increase of parking spaces from 269 to 282. Under the non-material minor amendment, there is no requirement for a period of consultation and a decision is expected to be made during April 2016.


The submission on 24 March 2016 also included a Section 73 variation of condition application for amendments to condition 2 and condition 10 of WA/2015/0695, which seeks a proposed enlarged mezzanine floor to Unit 2 and to allow the use of Unit 1 under use class D1, by Jigsaw school. A decision is expected in June 2016.


Victoria summarised the traffic data collected between January and March 2016. As the increase in vehicular movements allowed by WA/2015/0695 does not come into effect until a management and monitoring plan has been agreed, and the development becomes operational, the current 2,723 movement limit still applies.


The Group noted that at no time during the past three months had that limit been breached.


Gerry commented that there were no data for Compass Gate for 25 to 31 March 2016 as the gate had been closed to any vehicular access due to construction work taking place on the access bridge to the gate over the Easter period.


Date Of The Next Meeting


The next meeting of the Dunsfold Liaison Group is expected to be held during July 2016 at a date and time to be agreed nearer the time.