Dunsfold Liaison Group - Wednesday, 3rd February, 2016 2.00 pm

Proposed venue: Committee Room 1, Council Offices, The Burys, Godalming. View directions

Contact: Gary Wood  Trainee Democratic Services Officer

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Patricia Ellis and Colin Giddings.


Notes From The Last Meeting pdf icon PDF 77 KB


The notes of the last meeting held on 15 October 2015 were agreed and confirmed as a correct record.


Planned Event List Calendar Run-Through


Victoria gave a quick verbal update on the list of current planned permitted development right day events.


At the time of the meeting, 6 days had been scheduled for 4 separate events. 22 Days therefore remained for the year to December 2016.


The events so far scheduled are listed below and available to view via both Dunsfold Park’s website and via the Waverley Borough Council website.


12th March – Vmax 200

21st May – Lotus 7

2nd & 3rd July – Supercar Event

27th & 28th August – Wings & Wheels 2016


Jamie confirmed that as future events are confirmed, the Council will be notified and websites updated.


With regard to the Wings & Wheels event, Members raised residents concerns regarding the safety of air shows. In August 2015 at Shoreham Airshow in Sussex, a vintage Hawker Hunter jet had crashed onto the nearby A27 dual carriageway killing eleven people.


Gerry explained that the incident had occurred one week prior to the 2015 Wings and Wheels event which had been held successfully and without incident.


Dunsfold Park had been in close discussions with the Civil Aviation Authority and Surrey Police in the week between the two events to ensure that any extra safety measures required were put in place.


This included the installation of temporary traffic lights along sections of the busy A281 road that runs close to the eastern end of the runway. These would have been used to prevent traffic entering the area if an event like that at Shoreham had occurred.


The air displays themselves had also been subject to restrictions on height, movement and aircraft type.


Members were reassured that similar measures will be used at the 2016 event and that any further recommendations received from the C.A.A. will of course be adhered to.


Recent Planning Complaints


Members were made aware that only one noise complaint had been received since the last meeting and that this was jointly handled with Environmental Health.


It was noted that there had been a clear trend in the number of complaints reducing. In 2007, 45 substantiated complaints had been received in comparison with 2015 when there were none.


Members explained that apathy amongst local residents could be the reason for the reduction in complaints because there is a wrongly held belief that no action is taken when a complaint is raised.


Officers responded that complaints can be logged by phone, post or through the website and that all are properly investigated. However, they can only look into complaints if they are bought to the Councils attention.




Recent Environmental Health Complaints


No Environmental Health complaints had been received since the last meeting of the Group.


Members asked about sight of the Noise Management Plan which had been discussed at the last meeting. Officers explained that Dunsfold Park had been happy to release the appendices of the plan (stating classes of events, volume and frequency) but that the information was private and confidential and so had to be treated as such. Jamie and Matthew both stated that they would be happy to look into any specific concerns or matters of interest that Members wished to have investigated.


Monitoring of Current Live Applications and Planning Conditions


Victoria introduced Members to the latest traffic movement data as part of Dunsfold Parks’s planning conditions and explained that the limit of 2,723 per day had not been exceeded at any time since the last meeting.


Members asked why these figures could not be published on the Waverley website for viewing by the public. Jamie and Gerry responded that the only requirement placed on them by their planning conditions was to provide the Council with the data. It was up to Waverley what to do with them.


Officers agreed that, as release of the information by Dunsfold Park was part of the fulfilment of conditions, the Council did have the right to make the data public if it so wished.


The Group agreed that this should be put into place and that such a move would help address local residents suspicions about the Councils monitoring of the site. Therefore, a sheet providing the total number of movements per day would (collating data from all gates) be published on the Waverley website at the following address:




Peter updated Members of the Group on live planning applications. This included application WA/2015/1830 for change of use from office to non-residential educational institution (Class D1) at Unit 46 1a-k for which permission was granted at the Eastern Area Planning Committee on 2 December 2015.


Permission had also been granted for application WA/2015/0695 for the erection of 6 buildings to provide nearly 10,000sqm of B1(b), B1(c), B2 and/or B8 flexible use floorspace with associated parking, servicing, landscaping and works to existing access road following demolition of existing buildings. The daily vehicle movement limit was subsequently increased proportionately from 2,723 to 3,348. As part of the conditions granting this increase, a management and monitoring plan has to be agreed with automatic traffic count splitting introduced to differentiate between HGV’s and other vehicles.


Just before Christmas, a large scale hybrid application had been received from Dunsfold Park, WA/2015/2395. This included the development of 1800 new homes, space for new businesses, amenity space and supporting infrastructure.


The formal statutory consultation period began on 4 January 2016 and closed 5 February 2016. Officers asked Members to encourage residents to submit their comments as soon as possible. However, they also stated that in light of the significance of the application, any comments received after this date will continue to be accepted up to two working days before the decision is taken.


All comments received will be posted together with relevant plans and documents on the Waverley website at:




The only exception to this rule will be any abusive, defamatory or obscene comments.


Matthew advised that an all-member briefing will take place later in February 2016 to provide details on the application. Representatives of Dunsfold Park, Waverley and Surrey County Council will also be in attendance. It was noted that it will be important that care is taken by all to ensure nobody prejudices themselves before the application comes before committee for decision.


Councillor Gray and Councillor Deanus commented  ...  view the full minutes text for item 15.


Date Of The Next Meeting


It was agreed that the next meeting of the Group will take place in April 2016 with an exact date to be confirmed nearer the time.