Dunsfold Liaison Group - Thursday, 15th October, 2015 10.30 am

Proposed venue: Committee Room 4, Council Offices, The Burys, Godalming. View directions

Contact: Gary Wood  Trainee Democratic Services Officer

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Chairmans Introduction


Prior to proceeding with the Agenda, Matthew began the meeting asking attendees to introduce themselves to one another. He also commented on the good work of the Group on previous years and reiterated the Terms of Reference and its purpose. Namely, to facilitate an open dialogue between Waverley Borough Council Officers, Councillors and representatives of Dunsfold Park in respect of enforcement issues, complaints and other planning matters regarding the site.


Members commented that this was the first meeting to be held for almost a year. A minimal number of complaints had been received in that time hence the reduced frequency of meetings required. This was seen as an indication of the positive resolution of enforcement and planning matters that had resulted from the previous work of the Group.



Apologies For Absence


Apologies had been received from Councillor Brian Ellis and Colin Giddings.



Notes From The Last Meeting pdf icon PDF 32 KB


The Notes from the last meeting, held on 16 October 2014, were confirmed and agreed.


Jamie also confirmed that on-site staff had been reminded about the use of the tannoy system as requested under item 4.



Planned Event List Calendar Run-Through pdf icon PDF 30 KB

Additional documents:


Victoria introduced this item by first explaining the rules regarding Permitted Development Right days.


The Group noted that `permitted development` days to operate activities without the planning conditions associated with their express planning permissions up to a maximum of 28 days per calendar year. As such, major events including Wings & Wheels and the Children’s Trust Dads Day, were permitted as they were classed as usage of the annual permitted development rights days allowance. Each day of an event counted as one PDR day. Two different events held on the same day would still count as one PDR day.


The Group was advised that for the awareness of local residents to see what is taking place, Dunsfold Park provided Waverley with an updated list of events for the year. This is then published on the Council website. Jamie reminded the Group that this was done voluntarily and that there was no legal requirement for them to inform the Council of forthcoming events. Councillor Deanus asked when the 2016 list would be published and Gerry replied that as soon as they had the dates they would pass them on to Victoria to publish. He also commented that although some events had long lead-in times (allowing for early notification), others, such as automotive testing by McLaren, could occur at very short notice. This made it impractical to publish everything although Gerry stated that such short notice events were rare. Victoria explained that at the time of the meeting, Dunsfold Park had formally used 25 of its total 28 day annual allowance so far.





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Victoria summarised the Traffic Data over the past year including daily vehicle movements at the site.


The Group noted that under planning conditions, Dunsfold Park was allowed a maximum number of 2723 vehicle movements per day. This was monitored via the use of automatic sensor-bean counters located at all acess gates to/from the site. As a vehicle broke through the beam, one movement is registered. The system does not differentiate between car/HGV/motorcycle etc..


The Group was advised that this data is passed on to the Council and reviewed to identify compliance with the planning condition. It is noted that the only occasions it had been exceeded were on PDR days when the normal planning conditions do not apply so these did not constitute a breach.


Jamie commented on how the maximum daily movement figure had been arbitrarily arrived at in 2003 simply by them multiplying the total number of on-site staff. This figure was unscientific, not a technical judgement and was originally meant to act as a stop gap figure to allow for the development of the business park.


The Group asked if there were any identifiable trends. Gerry advised that since the Business Park had reached full capacity and become firmly established, the total vehicle movemnets had plateaued. However, the specific daily number changes day by day, gate by gate.



Recent Planning And Environmental Health Complaints pdf icon PDF 64 KB


Victoria informed the Group that since the last meeting, there had only been 7 complaints received regarding Dunsfold Park in the Planning Department. Six of these had been judged to be non-planning matters and subsequently referred to Environmental Health. The remaining complaint, regarding the landing of a helicopter, was investigated and found to be in compliance with conditions.


Gisella then introduced Environmental Health complaints. There had been a total of 11 received in the past 12 months from 3 different complainants covering 3 events (Everyman, Vmax 200, and McLaren Automotive).


Asked about how the public can make a complaint, Gisella explained that a specific form is available through the Dunsfold Park pages on the Waverley website for submission of complaints online.


To ensure that complaints went to the correct officer and could be dealt with quickly, Gisella note the importance of the public using the online form. Gerry also commented that they had liaised closely with the Council in deciding what it needed to ask to allow them to receive the minimum amount of information required to investigate properly at their end.


For those without internet access, complaints could also be forwarded by post or telephone to either the Planning or Environmental Health enforcement teams.


Gisella advised the Group on how noise was monitored. Due to the 60 acre size of the site, it was divided into four areas from A to D. A monitoring station was located in each area allowing for easier identification of the source of the noise whilst maintaining the anonymity of the complainants. It was agreed that Gisella would circulate the map illustrating the areas to Councillors after the meeting.


Members were also informed of the Noise Management Plan which aims to minimise disturbance to nearby residents. The plan was a voluntary agreement collaboratively drawn up by Dunsfold Park and the Council’s Environmental Health service. It incorporated elements of what was widely considered best practice nationally (such as the handling of the Goodwood Festival of Speed) to develop a benchmark to minimise noise disturbance resulting from day to day activities on the site. The plan set out acceptable days, times and frequencies of operation; actions to mitigate unnecessary noise, limitation and monitoring; best practice for their various planning permissions and regular PDR day allowance.


The Group noted that classes of noise were categorised into a framework around which events were booked. Jamie commented that they tried to ensure that the noisiest and most disruptive events were held at appropriate times. As an example, annually, Wings and Wheels and the Children’s Trust Dads Day were the only events held on a Sunday on the site.



Councillors remarked that residents could find it hard to differentiate between noisy PDR day events and noisy day to day activities carried out by tenants. Jamie agreed and gave the example of McLaren who conduct regular automotive testing on the runway and track as part of and in full compliance with their planning permissions. This activity only took place during  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Monitoring of Planning Conditions and Current Applications


Peter informed the Group that there were currently 2 live planning applications and 3 current Certificate of Lawfulness applications:


WA/2015/0695 - Erection of 6 buildings to provide for 9,966 sqm of B1(b), B1(c), B2 and/or B8 flexible use floorspace with associated parking, servicing, landscaping and works to existing access road following demolition of existing buildings.


WA/2015/1830 – Change of use of Class B1 to non-residential educational institution (Class D1)


WA/2011/2221 - Certificate of Lawfulness under Section 191 for use of the application land for flying use.


WA/2011/2222 - Certificate of Lawfulness under Section 191 for use of the application land for flying use.


WA/2012/0530 - Certificate of Lawfulness under Section 191 for Certificate of Lawfulness under Section 191 for use of land for erection, repair and flight testing of aircraft.


Gerry agreed that WA/2011/2221; WA/2011/2222 and WA/2012/0530 could now be withdrawn and committed to confirm this promptly.


Any Other Business pdf icon PDF 174 KB


Jamie presented a letter sent to Dunsfold Park by The Children’s Trust regarding the success of the Dads Day held earlier this year.


Councillor Maurice Byham asked about whether the BBC TV series `Top Gear` would continue to be filmed on the site following the changes resulting from the sacking of host Jeremy Clarkson earlier in the year. Jamie responded that they were in discussions with the BBC and this it was highly likely that the new version of the programme would continue to film on the site.


Date Of The Next Meeting


It was agreed that the next meeting should take place in February 2016 with a specific date and time to be confirmed in the new year.