Agenda and draft minutes

Extraordinary, Council - Monday, 26th September, 2022 6.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Council Offices, The Burys, Godalming

Contact: Louise Fleming  Democratic Services & Business Support Team Manager

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Before the meeting began, the Mayor invited the Council to observe a moment of reflection for the late Queen Elizabeth II.


The Mayor announced the sad death of Councillor Gray and advised that the Union Flag outside the Burys was flying at half mast as a mask of respect.  Councillors Mulliner, Follows, Williams and Hyman all paid tribute to Councillor Gray, followed by the Council standing in a moment of reflection.



The Mayor to report apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Baker, Davidson, Dear, Dickson, Edmonds, Floyd-Douglass, Jenny Else, Howard, Keen, MacLeod, Peter Martin, Palmer, Rosoman and Spence.



To receive from Members, declarations of interest in relation to any items included on the agenda for this meeting in accordance with the Waverley Code of Local Government Conduct.


There were no interests declared under this heading.



The Joint Appointments Committee, comprising three councillors from each council, met on 22 August 2022 to carry out the first stage of the appointment of  the Executive Head of Service for Finance who will be designated as the statutory role of S151 Officer.


The Local Authorities (Standing Orders) (England) Regulations 2001, states that matters relating to the appointment of a Section 151 Officer are reserved to the Full Council. Therefore, following the assessment process with the candidate for the position of Joint Executive Head of Finance, which includes the statutory role of S151 Officer, the JAC, at its meeting held on 22 August 2022 has recommended the appointment for confirmation at both Councils’ meetings on 22 and 26 September 2022 respectively.




In the light of the decision of Guildford and Waverley Borough Councils to form a Joint Management Team (JMT), the Council is asked to appoint Peter Vickers to the role of Joint Executive Head of Service for Finance which includes the duties of the S151 officer.

Additional documents:


33.1     The Leader presented the report which set out the recommendation of the Guildford and Waverley Joint Appointments Committee to appoint Peter Vickers as the joint s151 officer for Guildford and Waverley Borough Councils, which was duly seconded by Councillor Clark.


33.2     Councillors Potts spoke on the report, seeking clarification on the process and the concerns raised at the Joint Appointments Committee.  In response, the Leader confirmed that there was only one applicant due to the specific qualification requirement of the post and that the Committee were in favour of the appointment 5 votes to 1.  The concerns raised at the Committee related to the reporting line of the s151 officer.  It was proposed that the s151 officer would report to a Strategic Director, with a dotted line to the Chief Executive.


33.3     Councillor Seaborne sought clarification on whether the Joint Appointments Committee had considered the issue of conflict resolution and seeking independent financial advice. 


33.4     Councillor Clark spoke in support of the recommendation, setting out a number of local authorities in the UK which have joint collaborative arrangements in place, including joint s151 officers.


33.5     Councillor Mulliner spoke on the report, clarifying some of the concerns over the responsibilities and expectations being placed on the new Joint Management Team and their ability to maintain a work life balance.


33.6     The Leader addressed the comments made in the debate, giving an assurance that the Council would maintain its right to seek independent legal advice, either on finance or legal matters, on a case by case basis.  He was confident that all the new Joint Management Team appointees understood the roles they had applied for; and that they were competent and knowledgeable.  He reminded the Council that a s151 officer was a statutory requirement and was confident in the ability of the candidate and therefore commended the appointment to the Council.


33.7     In accordance with Procedure Rule 17.4, Councillor Potts requested a recorded vote and was duly supported by the requisite five other Councillors.




That in the light of the decision of Guildford and Waverley Borough Councils to

form a Joint Management Team (JMT), the Council is asked to appoint Peter

Vickers to the role of Joint Executive Head of Service for Finance which

includes the duties of the S151 officer. 


For (24)

Councillors Beaman, Blishen, Clark, Cockburn, D’Arcy, Follows, Heagin, Hesse,

Hyman, Merryweather, Mirylees, Mulliner, Munro, Neale, Nicholson, Reed, Paul

Rivers, Deputy Mayor Councillor Penny Rivers, Robini, Liz Townsend, Philip

Townsend, Mr Mayor Councillor Ward, Williams and Wilson


Against (4)

Councillors Ellis, James, Knowles and Potts.


Abstentions (4)

Councillors Cosser, Deanus, Seaborne and Wicks.

Recorded Vote
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CNL 33/22 Appointment of a Joint s151 officer Resolution Carried
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